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The registration for the 9th GSCN Conference is closed.

The 9th GSCN Conference 2021 took place from 6 - 8 October 2021 in Dresden in Saxony! Due to different pandemic hygienic regulations in the states and venues, we were happy to still establish a face-to-face meeting - but with a change of locations. The GSCN Conference will take place in Dresden. We sincerely hope that you are as happy as we are to meet again and will be able to integrate the change of locations with your travel plans.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts (see below): 3 September 2021

Registration fees

 Status  until 16 July  after 16 July
 Regular non-member  € 470  € 570
 Regular member *  € 280  € 360
 Student non-member *  € 235  € 285
 Student member *  € 140  € 180
 Technical assistant *   € 120  € 160
 ELSA Symposium  free  free

* Membership application and student/technical assistants confirmation forms can be downloaded  here and will be required for the free registration.

The registration fee includes the admission to all scientific sessions, additional scientific events, poster sessions,  industry exhibition and conference documents including final program and abstract book.

Also in 2021 the SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS-Cov-2) is causing severe restrictions on public life worldwide. We cannot foresee at the current time (July 2021) whether the conference will take place either 1) completely, 2) with reduced participation numbers (to allow additional space between participants; first come- first served), 3) virtually (online). Therefore, we accept payments of conference fees only after 25 August to avoid unnecessary administrative efforts and banking fees if payment have to be reimbursed. The rules of cancelation apply. We assure you that the GSCN will do everything to have smooth processes and be very accomodative about Corona-related cancellations.

Additional scientific events

In the process registration for additional scientific events was possible:

  • Non-PI Meeting (5 October 2021)
  • Symposium on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of stem cell research (6 - 7 October 2021)

Note: At the GSCN Conference pictures, recordings and films may be taken. Registered participants have to agree with their registration, that all pictures taken, recordings and films made during the conference which might show the participant can be used for publishing in media channels (i.e. website, print materials), and that they have no right to claim compensation for the use of any such pictures or film footage. Scientific data will be protected and not be shared outside the conference by the organizers.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact:

German Stem Cell Network (GSCN)
Antje Veldhues
phone: +49 (0)30 9406 2487

Technical Support for online registration:

phone: +49 (0)511 10 54 894

Abstract submission

You must be registered to submit an abstract. The submission of abstracts to be considered for Oral Presentation (Oral or Poster) is open until 16 July 2021. Abstracts can be submitted for poster presentation only until 3 September 2021. Selections for oral presentation will be informed after reviewing mid of August.

Abstracts submission requires a title of maximal 150 characters and an abstract text of maximal 300 words. Abstracts will be shown in the conference program in a similar style, however, some editing is possible using HTML code (italic, bold, underline, super- or subscript). Pictures and graphics cannot be included in the abstract. Abstracts have to be assigned to a scientific session:

Scientific sessions

  • Pluripotency and reprograming
  • Somatic stem cells and development
  • Hematopoietic stem cells
  • Stem cells in diseases: cancer stem cells
  • Stem cells in regenerative therapies
  • Stem cells in regenerative therapies: mesenchymal stromal cells
  • Stem cells in disease modeling and drug development
  • Organoids: new models for diseases
  • Computational stem cell biology

Poster awards ( Awards)
There will be four poster awards. The awardees will receive € 500. Authors are asked to be present at the poster award ceremony, which will take place on Friday, 8 October 2021.

Oral presentation
The first author of the abstract is intended to give the lecture. The talks will be 12 minutes long followed by 3 minutes discussion. Abstracts selected for oral presentation may in addition be shown as poster presentation to allow further discussion.

Poster presentation
In general abstracts are accepted for poster presentations.
However, abstracts can be rejected based on lack of scientific quality or for ethical or legal reasons.
Posters will be displayed during the whole meeting with virtual meeting rooms set aside at specific time slots.
Authors are asked to present their poster during the respective time slots.

Posters are presented with an online system. Technical help to set-up the posters will be provided beforehand. 
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the GSCN office or the technical support.

GSCN Hygiene Concept Dresden

 The GSCN Conference will only accept participants with a complete vaccination (plus 14 days) or recovered, confirmed by Corona Warn-App or CovPass App.

During the conference days each participant will have to be daily tested and present the negative result at the entrance. There will be a test center at the venue!

Tuesday, 5.10., from 8 hr – 15 hr & from 16 hr
Wednesday 6.10, from 9 hr – 13 hr (one Tester till 18 hr)
Thursday, 7.10., from 8 hr – 11 hr (one Tester till 18 hr),
Friday, 8.10, from 8 – 11 hr

Please consider waiting time for the result and due to other participats undergoing the testing.

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