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Address of Venue:

Universität Ulm
Uni Forum Süd
O25/N25 Forum
James-Franck-Ring, 89081 Ulm

 Here you can check the connection with public transport in Ulm from the hotel to the conference venue.


We recommend the hotels and hostels listed here.

All hotels are in the city centre of Ulm and about 20 – 40 minutes by public transport to the conference venue.

 Here you can check the connection with public transport in Ulm from the hotel to the conference venue:

Universität Ulm
Uni Forum Süd
James-Franck-Ring, 89081 Ulm

 3 - 4 star hotels  
Maritim Hotel Ulm (Head quarter hotel)
Basteistraße 40, 89073 Ulm
Leonardo Royal Hotel Ulm
Mörikestraße 17, 89077 Ullm
Lago Hotel Ulm
Friedrichsau 50, 89073 Ulm
Best Western Plus Atrium
Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 17, 89075  Ulm
2 - 3 star hotels  
Comfor Hotel Ulm
Frauenstraße 51, 89073 Ulm
Neuthor Hotel Ulm
Neuer Graben 17, 89073 Ulm
Hotel Goldenes Rad
Neue Str. 65, 89073 Ulm
RiKu Hotel Ulm
Apothekergasse 3, 89073 Ulm
Hotel am Rathaus
Kronengasse 8-10, 89073 Ulm
Intercity Hotel Ulm
Bahnhofpl. 1/1, 89073 Ulm
1 - 2 star hotels / hostels  
Hotel Ibis Ulm City
Neutorstraße 12, 89073 Ulm
Leomar Hotel Ulm
Blaubeurer Str. 35, 89077 Ulm
B&B Hotel Ulm
Ehringer Str. 11, 89077 Ulm
DJH Geschwister-Scholl-Jugendherberge
Grimmelfinger Weg 45, 89077 Ulm

Many other hotels and information can also be found on the homepage at: and at the known booking portals.

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